Slammed Jams

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What could possibly be better than the combination of fresh local raspberries and Prosecco in a fresh, fruity jam? Perhaps Rhubarb Brandy Vanilla Jam is the answer? How about Whiskey Bacon Jam? We will discuss the differences between sweets and savory while we create some delicious adult preserves to take with.

You'll take home 2 types (we'll decide at classtime which ones we'll make) and you can purchase additional jars for $5.

Joseph Giannini, Chef and owner of Slammed Jams will teach you how to incorporate alcohol into jams. You will walk out of this class with the basic understanding of jar sterilization, safe canning practices and important do’s and dont's of canning and preserving. You will also get a copy of the recipe and 2 jars of your very own Jam to take home. Additional are available for $5


Blood Orange & Port Marmalade

Whiskey Bacon Jam

Rum Raisin Apple Pie Jam

Fig Jam With Rum

Blackberry Vanilla Bourbon Jam

Tequila Sunrise Marmalade With Orange and Pomegranate

Cara Cara Chile Marmalada With Tequila

Cherry Brandy Freezer Jam

Cranberry Port Jam

Damson Plum And Gin Jam

Frederickson Peach And Southern Comfort Jam

Blueberry, Hatch Chile & Tequila Jam

Meyer Lemon Champagne Preserves

Brandied Vanilla Pear Jam

Red currant jam with Hendrick´s gin

Plum jam with cocoa, mint and Diplomático rum

Pineapple jam with cardamom and vodka

Apricot jam with almond liqueur Disaronno

Plum jam with plum brandy

Apricot jam with Jim Beam Bourbon whiskey

Pear jam with Bentianna herbal liqueur

Strawberry jam with Moët & Chandon champagne




  1. Learn to make all natural jams
  2. No weird additives or preservatives
  3. Every class has a new Jam

This event has 12 spots and we reserve the right to cancel the event if we don't secure 8 registrations 24 hours in advance.

What will be provided

Everything needed to make and take home a jar of delicious Jam.

Student Reviews

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    Lisa C.
    Slammed Jams

    This is my second class at Paired Wines. The instructor is fun to chat with, he has a ton of interesting stories to share during class. I think I would enjoy just about any class taught at this location for that reason alone! The jams we made were delicious and I feel confident about making them again at home now. Since it takes place in a wine shop, you can purchase wine by the bottle or the glass to enjoy. The wine 'vending' machine that serves by the glass is great.

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    Becca P.
    Slammed Jams

    My best friend and I try to do something new every few months. This was another great Dabble class. The instructor was a little late but we were able to drink wine beforehand and he more than made up for it with his enthusiasm and desire to teach. He explained some of the differences between jam, jelly, marmalade, etc and showed us the basics of canning. Throughout the whole time we had fun talking, drinking, and learning something new. I'm excited to try another class at Paired Wine.

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    Jessica A.
    Slammed Jams

    Loved the class! Great environment, teacher and tasty products!!! Each person got to leave with two different types of jams and they were delicious!

  • Default user photo
    Stephanie C.
    Slammed Jams

    It was a great class! The jam tastes amazing.

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Paired Wine

Small square joseph

Joseph Giannini is owner of Paired Wine Co and a lover of all things wine. Joseph is a Chef and graduate of Kendall College and owner of Slammed Jam.

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