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In this class, you will learn the basics in jewelry making. The lessons include learning how to use jewelry tools, some gemology facts, the meaning of color and tip on color combination.

The class is open to both female and male students who are 15 years old and older.

Tools and materials will be provided.

1 day session priced at $45 while 4week session priced with a discount of 50 dollars off totaling $130.00

1st Saturday of the month is Bracelet Day - Making bracelets with elastic sting and beading wire

2nd Saturday of the month 2 is Earring Day - Creating earrings with various materials such as guitar picks, vinyl, acrylic beads and precious stones.

3rd Saturday of the month - Necklace/ Wire Wrapped Jewelry Day: Creating necklaces using leather cord and a vary of beads or precious stones. Also learning some basic wire wrapping techniques creating focal pieces with copper wire. As a bonus we will create matching earrings with your necklace.

4th Saturday of the month - Review week taking everything you’ve learned to create a matching set (earrings, necklace and bracelet)

Classes are offered 12pm noon to 2pm then again at 2:30pm to 4:30pm for listed Saturdays

5% of all Learn More, Live More purchases go toward bringing seniors and youths together for free learning experiences. We do not provide refunds, but we do work to tailor our classes to our students' schedules. For more information on our policies, visit: For special classes on a different time and date than listed, there is a $20 set up fee for these classes. Please message to ensure availability before making a purchase. Thank you!

  1. Jewelry Making
  2. Beginner's
  3. Gemology
  4. Color Meaning
  5. Color Tips
What will be provided

Tools and materials will be provided.

Unity Lutheran Church
1212 W Balmoral Ave,
Chicago, IL, 60640

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Greetings Earthlings,

I'm Jahmilla I. Sims (Jahmilla it rhymes with vanilla), and I will be your instructor for Jewelry Making for Beginners. I'm a self-taught jewelry artist, who has been creating jewelry 2001, discovering and using various materials such as precious gem stones, Vinyl, acrylic beads, wood beads, leather and the list go on.

Creating jewelry is a wonderful and expressive form of art. With a variety of colors, and shapes you can create a unique piece that is an expression of your personality or simply something fun to wear on a hot date.

You can view my work and follow me on Pinterest under the name Jahmilla Vanilla.

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