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There are many ways to meditate. Some may seem to be in direct conflict with others, but I can let you in on a little secret-they all work!

This particular meditation will be performed while sitting in a chair as I lead you through a visual meditation exploring the movement of energy through and around the body, the concept of present time and the power of neutrality. The workshop will include instruction, discussion time, and several guided meditation practices. It is designed for beginners but experienced meditators are welcome.

Joe has been meditating for many years and credits meditation (and acupuncture) for "saving" his life by allowing him to find his true power and sparing him from the long term side effects of prescription medications. He would love to share his story and invites you to share yours.

Please come as you are. Nothing is required for this workshop.


Joe Mellen has been meditating for many years and credits meditation with allowing him to see the world a lot more clearly, and to detach from it in a healthy way. He has trained in meditation at InVision and other centers in Chicago. Joe is also a Reiki practitioner and is currently studying acupuncture at the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine.

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