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Pickling usually refers to the process of fermenting a food in salty brine. However, another kind of food preservation can involve simply soaking food in a solution that keeps it from spoiling. Alcohol, including Vodka, Gin, Whiskey and Tequila, are some liquids you can use. You can prepare both vegetables and fruits using this method, with delicious results.

The class will be taught by Joseph Giannini, the owner of Paired Wine Co, and will discuss what to look for in produce, the basic steps in the canning/pickling process, how to ensure food safety, plus some of Joe's favorite heirloom recipes.

This intro is a semi hands-on canning class, with a lecture and step-by-step demonstration.

We will be touching on all the basics of making alcohol infused foods, but we will be focusing a little more about pickling and demo that process, because the acidified foods are the more difficult ones - and the ones that post the highest risk if you do not do it right.

- choosing equipment (jars, hot water bath vs. pressure canner)
- how to process pickles with alcohol
- how to choose your produce
- ingredient choices
- good resources
- and take home some pickles!

You'll get one jar of choice pickles that have already been processed and canned. Additional jars are available for purchase at $10 per jar.

  1. Learn how to can pickles with alcohol
  2. Make delicious Pickles at home
  3. Use your favorite alcohol
What will be provided

Everything that is needed to make delicious pickles at home.

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3325 N Halsted St,
Chicago, IL, 60657

Paired Wine

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Joseph is the owner of Paired Wine Co and is a graduate of Kendall College. Along with wine, spirits and a love for all things food, Joseph has made a business of having fun and enjoying life.
Come drink, cook and laugh! We will make food, sample it and drink wine. All of Joseph's classes are small and designed for small groups.

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