How to Live a Life of Yes!

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**Near Belmont and Ravenswood. Address will be sent along with other logistical details closer to date**

This class is designed to equip you with a way of thinking rooted in you getting as much as you can out of your life. Saya shares personal stories along with steps to take to do just that, in a relaxed, comfortable setting.

If you answer yes to one, some, all of these, this workshop is for you—
Does the idea of expanding your social circle sound appealing?
Does doing something for yourself sound unusual, needed, nice?
Are all your friends getting married, having babies, moving to the suburbs?
Do you feel like you’re treading water, constantly moving but never getting anywhere?
Do you feel alone?
Have you done everything you’re supposed to do – the job, the condo, the schooling, the significant other – but still feel something is amiss?
Are you tired of trying to impress others, of being someone who you’re not?
Are you looking for an answer to “What am I passionate about?” “What do I want to do?”
Are you tired of being fearful or of feeling like you’re sitting on the sidelines watching life pass you by?
Do you want to be doing something else professionally?
Would you like to be around people who say YES! more?
Would you like to say YES! more?

While we probably won't unearth THE answer, you'll leave with big-picture philosophies and small-actionable steps you can apply immediately that will hopefully get you started on the path to living a Life of Yes!

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Course Reviews (25)
100% positive

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    Sucheta M.

    Left 2 days ago

    The class was fantastic. I really enjoyed the 17 principles outlined by Saya and her personal anecdotes for each of the principles. I left with at least a few Aha moments in terms of things I can do going forward.

  • Default_user_photo

    Beth M.

    Left 9 days ago

    What a great class! I left genuinely feeling as though I could accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Loved this class!

    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Marta K.","created_at":"about 1 month","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Very inspirational and got me thinking a lot about changing my life.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Boo V.","created_at":"2 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Such a wonderful evening. Great ideas and great teacher. Looking forward to the next Mac & Cheese class or event. Saya is very engaging and full of energy. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Lauren D.","created_at":"2 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya made 17 different light bulbs go off in my head, one for each of her steps in \"Design[ing] The Life You Want\". Thank you for inspiring me to go for it and \"Nike\" the heck out of life!","teacher_response":"Light bulbs are the best!!! :) Thanks for coming Lauren, excited to see where your journey takes you."}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Hillary J.","created_at":"2 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"What a truly wonderful experience. From start to finish, Saya made sure everyone had everything they needed for a great evening. Impressive to meet so many interesting people from all over the globe all interested in bringing more goodness into their lives. The class was extremely well thought out and full of laughter and useful information. Everyone should go at least once! Guys, you too!","teacher_response":"Thanks so much Hillary! Wish you best of luck with Ruby Slippers. I see great things for you."}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Amanda L.","created_at":"4 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"This class was really engaging and enjoyable. A much better class than I even expected! I liked walking away with real action steps and the list that Saya handed out at the end with fun things to do in Chicago was awesome. I will totally be referring to this all the time when making plans to go out and about in the city. ","teacher_response":"Thank you Amanda, so nice to have you join! Very much appreciate your kind words. Keep me posted on any LOY moves you make."}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Elana S.","created_at":"6 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya was great. Her Life of Yes was very inspiring! ","teacher_response":"Thanks Elana! You're too kind."}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Melinda C.","created_at":"6 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Great class! The instructor is an engaging storyteller and was able to provide practical tips. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Jenna P.","created_at":"7 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"This class goes above and beyond any expectations you think it will or can be. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I got out of this class. Saya's unique approach on life is refreshing and her personal story is an inspiration.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Sharon B.","created_at":"7 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya is a wonderful presenter and teacher. Her demeanor and space is so warm and welcoming. I have lots of great resources to help me Design the Life I Want to Live. I would definitely take another class taught by Saya.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Stephanie W.","created_at":"7 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya shares information very easily and inspires you to explore areas that you haven't thought of yet. This class is VERY informative. You'll leave energized and ready to take on the world. So happy I came across it. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Victoria V.","created_at":"8 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"very inspiring start to taking action","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Sharon S.","created_at":"9 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"The class was motivating and thought provoking. I've decided that my major life change that I've been thinking about (but not knowing what the change would be) is to move to Madrid, Spain! This class was the inspiration that I needed. Thanks Saya for the push and positive thoughts!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Elie C.","created_at":"9 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya, thanks so much for the presentation yesterday. The 'work' part of your space is beautifully arranged and it was quite the pleasure to enjoy it as the sun set and a Chicago summer evening rolled in. The concept of 'curated' events in the right hands sounds really great and I would definitely consider attending in the future. A fun, informative class.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Lindsey F.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"I enjoyed this class immensely! I was greatly inspired and moved multiple times from beginning to end. I was buzzing with so much excitement that I couldn't fall asleep once I got home! Ideas and energy were just flowing through me. Saya is passionate and genuine in helping people live their best lives in a big way.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Kirk K.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Inspiring stories and good, clear, practical information on how to get started. All provided in a comfortable, supportive atmosphere. Thank you.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Katrina W.","created_at":"11 months","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"I'm glad I went & would recommend the class. However, I feel like it could be developed more so that it focuses on the students finding ways that they can start their lives of yes. I felt like I was hearing more about her life & not so much on how to make it happen for me. I think spending more time discussing the initial obstacles one will face, fears about change/ putting yourself out there & even brainstorming as a group on how to work through those challenges would have left me feeling more satisfied when I left the class. I also wish there would have been time for questions at the end. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Jennifer J.","created_at":"about 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"I enjoyed hearing Saya's story and learning more about her philosophy about living a life of yes. I left with ideas and food for thought. I wish her class was longer! (or more than one session). I look forward to checking out her recommendations and maybe her other offerings. Thanks Saya!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"John W.","created_at":"about 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Gave a lot of good and relevant examples from her personal life. Would highly recommend her ","teacher_response":"Great to have you John, you were an awesome addition to the group."}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Karen E.","created_at":"about 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Great Class! Highly recommend Life of Yes, you'll leave with nuggets of info to make the most of you! ","teacher_response":"Thanks Karen! So nice to have met you."}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Christine S.","created_at":"about 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya shared her approach to life and business, which was great to listen to. As an added bonus we also reviewing things to do in Chicago that will challenge us to creating a Life of Yes! Can't wait.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Karyn O.","created_at":"about 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"This was an amazing class. It was well organized, extremely thought-provoking and insightful. I know that I will continue to refer to the material provided in the days, weeks and months to come.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Elena A.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya set a wonderful energy for the class by breaking the ice and helping everyone get comfortable and acquainted. The steps she shared were inspiring. I left feeling uplifted with a renewed vigor and enthusiasm for taking my next steps. A very worthwhile class, recommended for anyone seeking an infusion of wild inspiration.","teacher_response":"Elena, so nice to have met you. I really enjoyed what you shared with the class!!"}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-f2c0a37d5fe569acc6f03ae223a6129d.png","reviewer_name":"Meghan D.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"<strong>How to Live a Life of Yes! </strong>","positive":true,"review_content":"Saya is inspirational! Thanks for sharing your story and helping me work to define what I'm looking for in my Life of Yes!","teacher_response":"Thanks Meghan, it was wonderful to have you in class! "}

    Other Teacher Reviews (3)
    100% positive

    • Default_user_photo

      Brian B.

      Left about 7 hours ago

      Great way to learn about the many tools that can be used to organize our day to day and find a better work-play balance. Absolutely recommend.

    • Default_user_photo

      Jennifer D.

      Left about 9 hours ago

      I am find that I have more to do than time to do it. I become overwhelmed and anxious sometimes and just shut down, because I can't possibly know what to do first.

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      28 teacher reviews, 100% positive


      Blissfully self-employed for the past nine years and one of Brazen Careerist' s Top Twenty Young Professionals to Watch in 2012, Saya has discovered how to turn her love of creating community, challenging herself and those around her, and enjoying life to its fullest into her “job.” Via her company Mac & Cheese Productions, she helps others (and herself) live a Life of Yes!

      Her favorite thing in the world? Being infected with and infecting others with ED -- Entrepreneurial Disease.

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