Mindfulness in Love & Communication: Day Retreat


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Love and communication are two of the biggest challenges for a lot of people. Without additional training or even ways of seeing, many people stay stuck – knowing they need to do something different but just not knowing what that is.

In this day retreat, we take the time to do a deep dive into who you are, how you are relating, and work on building some fundamental mindfulness skills around love and communication.


* Self-Sabotaging Behaviors and Limiting Beliefs *

* The Most Common Communication Issues *

* Why People Rush Into or Avoid Relationships Altogether *

* Addressing Dating Anxiety *

* Understanding What Someone is Saying Underneath Their Words *

* Why You Seem to Keep Picking the Wrong People *

* Ending the Drama Triangle *

* Understanding Conflict and Communication Styles *

As you work together with other students, you are given the environment and time to practice the skills as they are covered. At the conclusion of class, you are given a list of resources to continue learning outside the retreat.

Come out and enjoy the day learning more about who you are and how you relate to the world around you.

Note: This retreat is at a private residence. Exact address information will be provided via email before the retreat.

“It is not what is occurring in our lives that affects our behavior; it is what we believe about what is occurring that matters.” ― David Stoop, You Are What You Think

Residential Space
Pratt & Glenwood,
Chicago, IL, 60626

Filtod Walker

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With almost 20 years of experience in adult education, Filtod Walker is a master teacher whose courses and individual workshops focus on mindfulness, educational leadership, new teacher training, communication, and presentation skills. Filtod has been a Vipassana (Insight) meditation practitioner since 1997 and is a secular teacher.

Filtod has spoken at conferences on mindfulness, emotional intelligence, stress management, cognitive distortions, instructional design, employee/volunteer correction, understanding cultural awareness, and learned helplessness in adult education.

A longer bio is available at http://www.filtod.com/about.html.