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For every newly remodeled kitchen in America, there are hundreds of kitchen stores with which to adorn it. Some are big, some are small, some are expensive, some are cheap ... but ALL run the risk of duplicity. And there's nothing worse than knowing that unique find you thought you scored wasn't so original after all.

Ban boring in this Dabble workshop, which ensures you'll never have the same kitchen utensils as the Jones' ever again. We'll be making, sanding and finishing one-of-a-kind custom cutting boards. Students will receive a bounty of salvaged maple wood and hardwood pieces that they'll then learn how to resurface, prep and glue to form durable cutting blocks.

We'll get an overview of safety procedures and practical instruction on the chop saw, band saw and orbital sander, as well as an intro to glue-ups ... and then we'll roll up our sleeves and get to work! Learn to scrape, sand and use food-safe oiling to finish your board, and walk away with tips for continued maintenance.

What are you waiting for? Chop chop.

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Alex Enarson is a Chicago-based furniture builder and ReBuilding Exchange employee. He works out of his home studio with reclaimed, salvaged and scavenged materials, building unique yet functional pieces from his own designs. Alex is an amateur forester, and loves to build with lumber made from urban wood. His company is GRAVE TO CRADLE. You can reach Alex Friday through Sunday at the ReBuilding Exchange, or at

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