WordPress: Write, Edit & Publish

with Mike Mierendorf

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Wordpress is arguably the most popular platform for publishing blogs and many websites. There are plenty of reasons for that, but ultimately it's because how easy it is to write, edit and publish posts.

The best and easiest way to learn Wordpress is by experiencing it. You'll learn the basics to setting up your own blog, some useful plug-ins to enhance your blog and other tips utilizing the plethora of free content available for Wordpress. This class will be perfect for anyone looking to write more or a small business that wants to interact with their customers in a more personal digital experience. In this class you'll learn how to setup your own free Wordpress blog, and do it on the spot if you want to!

Knowledge To Go:
-How to write, edit and publish your blog posts
-Add images, pages and forms to your blog
-Techniques and tips for making your blog unique and interactive


If you wish to setup your blog on the spot, please bring a laptop.

Course Reviews (2)
100% positive

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    Tim M.

    Left over 2 years ago

    Mike went through some very detailed and specific examples, at a pace anyone would be comfortable learning in. If you need a first rate overview of WordPress including live examples, I highly suggest taking the time to meet and learn from Mike.

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    Stephanie M.

    Left over 2 years ago

    This class and the teacher were wicked cool. The venue was also awesome; any time you can mix writing with's a good day.


    Mike has been a writer and photographer since 2002. His work has been published in The A.V. Club - Milwaukee, UWM Post,,, and Chicago Reader.

    Recently, Mike published and ran Cultural Transmogrifer, an online magazine dedicated to film, tv and literature, from November 2011 - February 2013. He publishes additional work on his personal site Mierendorf Media.

    He has been publishing his work using Wordpress since April 2010.

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