hello, we're dabble.

Dabble started with a simple insight: It’s difficult to keep learning, trying and doing. Although we might consider ourselves curious, adventurous sorts, we find lots of excuses that prevent us from committing to a class (I want to brush up on my Spanish, but it’s too expensive), cultivating hobbies (I want to brew beer … where do I start?) or finding a substitute for our typical night-out routines (drinks or dinner … again).  

That’s where Dabble comes in. We make it easy to try something new or share your passion through one-time affordable classes. Explore the city around you, meet cool people and expand your horizons – because doing something today is so much better than putting life on the back burner.

We believe that learning:

  1. Doesn’t need to happen in a classroom. Whether it’s in a park, a coffee shop, a bar or a restaurant down the street, learning can happen anywhere and it damn well should.
  2. Isn’t reserved for the “serious.” Even if you have no experience in the subject, learning should be fun, accessible & non-intimidating for all involved.
  3. Can be taught by anyone. You don’t need a certificate to be a teacher, you just need knowledge & passion in a subject you’d like to share with the world.
  4. Is best experienced with other people. Sure, you could pick up a book or watch a video online, but learning is more fun beside cool, like-minded folks.
  5. Is part of a breakfast (of champions). Learning is good for the creative soul. Shaking things up & challenging yourself should be a regular part of a happy, healthy diet.