the rules

Okay, kiddos. Let's play nice. While the breadth of Dabble events offered might be "anything goes," the experience etiquette does not quite follow. Here are our ground rules for ensuring that all Dabblers have an enjoyable experience: 

for teachers

Be sure to let the Dabble community know exactly what to expect from attending your event. No one likes to be sold to, so leave the marketing sales-pitches at home. Above all, it should be your personality that shines.

Be Real

Be sure to let the Dabble community know exactly what to expect from attending your event. Avoid being too sales-y, and make sure your personality shines.


Get ready for your event (and relax those nerves) by putting together a solid plan, even practicing with friends (or your mirror) before your debut.


Try to get back to students who reach out to you via email with a question or concern as soon as possible.

Confirm with Venue

Be sure to call / email the venue to confirm details of your event well beforehand (and surely contact Dabble if something unexpected comes up).

Respect the Venue

Be courteous of the host and their business operation. Should any problems arise during your event, immediately notify your host.

for dabblers

Let’s face it, your number one job is to show up and have fun. But here’s a few guidelines to help you get the most out of your Dabble experience.


If you have a specific question or issue related to your participation, alert the teacher before your event so he/she isn’t thrown off guard.


If you sign up for an event, do your best to attend. If something unforeseen comes up, contact Dabble & your teacher ASAP to let him/her know. (For refund eligibility, see Dabble's policy here)

Arrive Early

Don’t be the late guy. Arriving 10 minutes early allows you to get settled and meet your neighbor and ensures your event can get started on time.

Be Nice

This goes without saying, but make sure you give the teachers, host and other students the respect and attention they deserve. Your cell phone won't miss you for that hour and a half. We promise!


Share your thoughts on what went right and what could be better. By doing so, you’ll help the teachers and Dabble keep improving!


for hosts

Every new person in the door helps build awareness and generate leads. And doesn’t it feel good to make the most of your space? Here’s a few rules to make hosting a good experience for all.

Update Availability

Keep us in the loop about great times to host an event and any black-out dates that surface along the way. We’ll do our best to make it work!

Provide Specs

Give us details about what does and doesn’t work for your space through our sign-up form. This includes capacity, event type an amenities.

Spread the Word

Expand your exposure by letting your regular customers and social networks know you’re shaking things up and hosting a Dabble event. And display the "Dabble Host Sticker" on your door like a badge of honor. You're committed to learning and everyone should know it!


Work with your teachers to solidify event details. Teachers will check in with you two days before the event to make sure all things are a “go!”


Make sure to welcome both teachers and students with open arms. Show them how great you are, and they’ll be eager to come back for more.