You Can Ride a Vespa!

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Have you ever considered riding a Vespa? Are you looking for a quicker, more convenient way to get to work and to run errands?
In a fun, two-hour seminar, we will cover the following topics:

- Can I ride a Vespa (motorscooter) to school/work? (Is it safe/practical?)
- What goes into learning to safely ride a motorscooter? How do you ride one?
- Must I become a licensed motorcyclist to ride a scooter, and if so, how do I achieve a motorcycle license?
- What does a motorscooter look like? Do they come in different shapes and sizes?
- How do I shop for a scooter that (a) meets my needs and (b) is affordable?
- What are the financial considerations for owning a scooter?
- Do motorscooters require any regular maintenance?
- Who are some folks that already successfully learned how to commute on a motorscooter, and what are their experiences?

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Jake has been riding scooters for many of his 28 years, and he gets a particular kick out of coaching new riders. He offers private motorscooter riding lessons. Jake rides - and loves - his 2008 Aprilia Scarabeo 200cc.