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21st Century Leaders ...Social entrepreneurs! Do you know your true leadership purpose? Are you prepared to walk-out the next steps in the new paradigm of accelerated learning? This is Leadership SQ! Beginning August 12 through September 30.

LIVE...Business Psychic Expert, Violet Kashewa

Participants recieve free e-book copy, Leadership Purpose Essentials.

Summer Series: 16 Available Class Sessions 10:30 AM and 1:00 PM Onsite/Online Saturdays from August 12 through September 30. Walk-in welcome. 1-Session FREE

Learn how to unlock, interpret, and translate their unique and distinct leadership purpose blueprint, encoded messages, and original spiritual mission exemplified in the world as the authoritative influence or change agent. And identify, access, and use their SQ-spiritual intelligence to create value, redefine, and advance personal-professional, and corporate (collaborative) opportunity in the marketplace and for the benefit of a global citizenship. You will walk away with actionable new knowledge-sourcing tools and skills. And as time allows receive live Intuitive Business Analysis from the expert psychic.

21st Century SQ knowledge-sourcing quickly propels personal-professional success! Just ask our visionary change agents. Spiritual Intelligence: Intuitive, transformative, and revelatory wisdom. Facilitated by Intuitive Business Analyst Expert, Violet Kashewa, Author, Leadership Purpose Essentials. Set yourself and your team or company on an exciting action path to redefined marketplace relevance with leadership mentoring from the expert business psychic.

This is your opportunity to explore Leadership SQ through a one-time experience or an in-depth series!

Pay $499 for the series and save or $67 per class. Option to upgrade to series available at first session.

1-Hour plus extra time for live intuitive Business Analysis. Attend any on-site/online session that you want.

Summer 8 Saturday Series Topics: Functional Wholism, Power Exploration, Encoded Leadership Purpose Messages, Conscious Business Enterprise, Transformational Process, Intuition 4 Business, Implicit Business Intelligence, SQ-Intuitive, transformative, and revelatory wisdom.

What you can expect from this experience:

What's Provided

Participants get e-Book "Leadership Purpose Essentials" and Live Intuitive Business Analysis

What You Can Expect
  • Gain insight and clarity into your unique and distinct leadership purpose.
  • Identify encoded messages for professional influence.
  • Experience deepened self-knowledge and co-creative power.
  • Let go of limiting beliefs creating obstacles to success.
  • Access SQ knowledge-sourcing: Intuitive, transformative, revelational wisdom.
  • Create compelling vision branding to chart partnerships and marketing strategy.
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Violet Kashewa, Intuitive Business Analyst Expert, Author, Leadership Purpose Essentials, is CEO New Definition Leadership®LLC. Founder, Urban Matrix Project (Washington State) Visionary Incubator, a Social Impact Entrepreneur Cooperative Workplace.

Violet Kashewa compels Fortune 1000 companies, national policy-makers, industry leaders, and urban change agents, to step into new definitions of importance, purpose and possibility. A 30-year professional clairvoyant-adept, Violet quickly articulates Implicit Business Intelligence©. And optimizes immediate business value, transforming system implementation, driving opportunity to reinvent marketplace significance. She breaks fractured cycles of perception, learning, and advancement. And ignites success outcomes. Stakeholders enter a target zone to experience quantum shifts through intuitive, transformative, and revelatory knowledge sourcing by interaction with the expert psychic.

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