Making Spicy Pickles

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Summer is the perfect time to pickle some of the best vegetables. Pickled veggies are not only delicious, did you know they are super good for you? The fermentation process adds heaps of probiotics to keep your gut happy and healthy. Sheena teaches the science behind pickling, how to avoid common pitfalls (like pickles coming out a little soft, anyone?), and how to create different flavors. Some of Sheena's personal favorites of pickles are: Bread and Butter, Dill, and Texas Heat but she also loves pickling cucumbers, carrots, green beans, etc.

In this class, you will make your own jar of spicy pickles (or not that spicy if you prefer) using one of Sheena's recipes. You’ll also leave class with your very own pint-sized jar of pickles and the know-how to create your own at home. So get pickling!

We can’t wait to meet you. Space is limited, so buy your ticket today and don’t miss a thing.

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Sheena started pickling for fun in 2012 and when her family and friends tasted some of her creations...they said "you have to start a business" and Sheena's Pickles was born. Sheena also loves to pickle other veggies and create her own fruit butters and a variety of flavors of jams. She mostly does what produce is in season and has a lot of fun creating new recipes!

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