Bicycle Maintenance: The Basics

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Lets face it. Your bike doesn't always work the way you want it to. Flats happen when you least expect it, your chain derails in the middle of your commute and if you don't know what to do - you're walking.

In this course, Dabblers will learn how to tweak and adjust their bicycles in the right way. This includes shifting, brakes, changing a flat tire and lubing your chain quickly and easily. 

Any cyclist, commuter, or bike hobbiest would benefit from dabbling in the craft of fixing their own bikes. Learn the tricks of the trade so if you break down on the road you will have the tools and knowhow to get back in the saddle in no time.

Ramsey Renno

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Ramsey Renno is a Graduate from Barnetts Bicycle Maintenance School in Colorado, with over 15 years of professional mechanic experience. In addition to endurance racing in Wisconsin's Off-Road series, he has been the Service Manager for two bike shops and a mobile wrench for the TIMEX racing team.