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If dog years is equated by measuring 7 years for every 1 human year, how many technology years are in one human year? We're willing to bet way more than that. In the tech world of better, faster, stronger, to say that PowerPoint is behind the times is an understatement. It's 2012 after all, and we're still using the same tired technology to craft presentations for business associates that we were using to throw together book reports in high school. Enough is enough.

Let's stop the madness and do ourselves a favor by upgrading the way we grow our business. Prezi is the cutting edge answer to the whiteboard or the slide deck. A well designed Prezi presentation is a fluid canvas that takes pressure off the presenter by allowing connections to be made effortlessly and engagingly ... When's the last time your PowerPoint presentation was a topic of conversation in and of itself?

But Prezi is more than just a tool for presentation. This Dabble class will help you understand the benefits of this big-picture tool by showing you how you can:
1. Improve the way you deliver sales presentations
2. Change the way you deliver proposals and project plans
3. Simplify remote collaboration with customers and partners and
4. Shorten meeting times by sending video voice-over presentations

Students will learn techniques for designing a Prezi presentation and ways to incorporate it into your next business endeavor.

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James Carlson is regarded as one of the top 100 Prezi creators in the world, according to He has made and delivered over 500 presentations using Prezi, and is eager to share his wealth of knowledge with business savvy Dabble students. Examples of his work can be seen here:

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