Relief Printing on T-Shirts

with Jenie Gao

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Carousel relief printing

From hipsters to Jerry Seinfeld, everyone is in search of the perfect T-shirt. So what if we told you that you could learn to make your own, custom shirt designs and finally possess the “holy grail” tee?

That’s what we thought, a huge relief.

In this Dabble class, students will learn the art of relief printing to create their very own T-shirts. This is a great opportunity to learn basic carving and printing for beginners. The best part? T-shirts will be provided, so when you're finished carving you can print your design on a shirt and wear your work proudly for the world to see and admire!

This class will teach hand-printing techniques so you'll be able to take your new skills and use them at home as well. Before you know it, your excellent tshirt designs will give Urban Outfitters and Threadless a run for their money.

No previous experience necessary, just a hankering for some creative release and of course a dedication to creating the perfect tee.

Jenie Gao

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Jenie Gao is an artist and printmaker with a studio in Bay View. She has taught art and printmaking workshops in a variety of settings, from the classroom when she worked at a school, to community print shops, to guest teaching opportunities at some of the colleges in the area. Jenie has taught a wide age range, from children as young as 4 to adults. She believes in the importance of approachability and accessibility in being involved in the art community, and invites all you Dabblers into her studio space for an evening of learning, laughing and creating.

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