Nutrition & Holistic Lifestyle Practices To Heal Chronic Stress & Burnout

with Asana Mama

Event Category

Health & Beauty

Event Overview

In this LIVE workshop, you will learn tangible ways that you can start your path to healing chronic stress and burnout that can lead to physical symptoms and health challenges such as gut problems, brain fog, skin inflammation, chronic fatigue and more. You will about how chronic stress affects the physical body, what specific foods herbs and supplements can help combat and resolve chronic stress + burnout, and most importantly: tangible solutions you can start implementing into your routine immediately.

Class will be held virtually online, and a recorded session will be emailed out to attendees who have to leave early or who cannot attend LIVE.  

Minimum age

18 years or older

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • understand what symptoms and health conditions result from chronic stress
  • specific foods and nutrients that can help resolve chronic stress
  • specific supplements and herbs that help resolve and heal burnout
  • holistic lifestyle practices to heal burnout
  • how to reset your nervous system and brain to heal from ongoing stress
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Asana Mama is a maternal wellness platform created by Holistic Health Specialist, Postpartum Doula, meditation teacher and soon to be Hypnobirthing facilitator Sarah Baker. Asana Mama offers wellness programming for new and expecting moms as well as specialized meditation classes, holistic childbirth education and hypnobirthing.