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Let's face it learning to knit or crochet should be relaxing. What better way to relax than with a glass of wine! Enjoy a class full of fun conversation, tasty food, lovely wine and beautiful fiber.


Think about having a whole world of relaxation and socialization literally on a string – while you get to create beautiful things as you take a precious constructive break from the stressful world outside.


You’ll be amazed at what our group and individual knitting lessons can do for you. At That Jersey Girl, we give you the chance of engaging in extraordinary Fiber Art creations, which require no particular skill and offer a unique chance of doing something that relaxes you and makes your life smoother.


It’s true; research has shown that people who practice relaxation and mindfulness activities even for 10 minutes every day tend to be happier, healthier and even more productive. So imagine taking a lunch break where, along with enjoying your meal, you learn to spin yarn using a drop spindle and wool, as you marvel at the captivating rhythm of the spinning and the different textures of the fibers.


That’s right; you don’t need to become a Yoga master to learn how to relax. If you feel that is too metaphysical, you can just come along and learn to cast on, knit, purl and bind off. You can take it easy, learning to create all sorts of patterns, perform specialty stitches, and shape the lovely and highly popular amigurumi. Or you can take it more seriously, with advanced classes by request, where no Fiber Art artistic feat is unattainable – from Tunisian crochet to Nailbinding. 


Improve your manual skills, boost your confidence and find peace of mind with these unique Fiber Art lessons where you can socialize off-work in an environment where everyone just wants to knit a new web of relaxation. Allow yourself, for a moment, to use your needle as a vehicle to express your inspiration and help you release the tensions of the everyday life.


Contact us today to have your soon to be acquired needles giving a new and soothing rhythm to your life.

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Starter kits will be available at the class for varying fees $15

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All ages welcome

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I am an unconventional teacher in the sense that I believe anyone can learn to do fiber arts. I teach children as young as 6 years old. I also teach people with special needs of all ages.
I'm fun loving, quirky and eclectic. I try to keep my classes upbeat and fun. I've had knitting groups in pubs where we combine our love of yarn with games and trivia!
I simply love Fibre Art and it is my goal to teach this dying art to s many people as possible!