Basics of Meditation

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Fitness & Wellness

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Most people know that meditation can support stress relief, but many have trouble sitting still or clearing their minds fully.

Ironically, meditation isn't about sitting still or clearing your mind at all! This workshop will support you in learning how to meditate in a way that works for you.

Join us as we:

• Talk about the roots of stress, anxiety & worry
• Create a fun, individualized action plan for creating stress-free serenity in your own life
• Learn a 20-minute meditation technique you can use whenever and wherever you want

Stay afterwards for indulgent, healthy, stress-reliving refreshments

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Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Instruction, handouts, follow up call for questions

Cancellation Policy

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Lacey fell in love with coaching several years ago when on a quest of her own to find work that she was passionate about. She attended many coaching workshops and started a journey looking for her own Dharma, or life's calling, as taught in the Bhagavad Gita.

Since completing coaching training and becoming an accredited life and business coach with the International Coach Federation, she's focused on creating better lives for her clients, based on the idea that discovering your life's purpose is the purpose of life. Her work helps clients identify and interrupt old patterns that are keeping them from success in their relationships, finances, careers or overall lives.