Surf Like a Sleuth: Investigative Skills for Everyday People

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Have you ever…

  • Wanted to check out a dating prospect you met online?

  • Wondered who that missed call was from?

  • Wondered how much the top brass makes at your nonprofit?

  • Got frustrated trying to Google something and getting nowhere?

  • Wondered what happened to a classmate?

Many people aren’t aware have how much information is legally and openly available to the public – nor do they know how to get it. This class will teach you tips, tricks and tools used by practiced private investigators for tracking down information using nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection.

Taught by a licensed private investigator, this course will cover the basics of online public records, smart Google searches, advanced social media searches and more.

In this two-hour class you’ll come away knowing how to:

  • Check out a prospective date, renter, business partner or other “person of interest”

  • Find out how much the top earners make at the nonprofit or business you’re considering working for

  • Find cached pages removed from the web and travel with an internet time machine to see what the web looked like in 1999

  • Access free tools and apps for reverse dialing, advanced social media lookups and more

  • Use Boolean searches to reduce your search time and get more accurate search results

  • How to search safely/discreetly and keep your identity protected in online transactions

And more!



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A freelance journalist, researcher and licensed private investigator, April Thompson has received training in private investigation from the Elite Investigation & Protection Agency in Springfield, as well as Brian Willingham’s master course in open source investigations from Pursuit Institute.