Group Acupuncture and Visualization

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Our lives can be hard on our bodies.  Whether you're recovering from day to day stress, a long workweek, or a rowdy night out, this experience is designed to heal and nourish you. Using acupuncture and herbal "mocktails" we will bring your body back into a state of balance and detox whatever you've been throwing at it.  Everyone will have a personal consult with a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (who will take your pulses and look at your tongue) to evaluate the most appropriate herbs for you and the most effective points to needle.  The acupuncture will happen in a supportive group setting while everyone lays in savasana.  Then our "bartender" will serve the bespoke herbal mocktails while we answer any questions.

NOTE: We are not encouraging you to alternate between penance and total hedonism, but we believe that medicine should be as non-judgemental and inclusive as possible  To us, this means acknowledging all the "bad" behaviors and factoring them into the constellation of your health.

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Samara Reigh is an acupuncturist, doctor of Chinese Medicine, and is currently pursuing a PhD in integrative health. Beatrice Scescke is a yoga instructor and massage therapist. Together, they founded and run a holistic health center in the Pilsen neighborhood. We are fully licensed practitioners with a decade of clinical experience.

We believe in the healing power of people connecting with the subtle rhythms and signals of their environment, their community, the seasons, their own bodies, and their own internal world.