Basic Bicycle Maintenance

with Alex Tweedie

Bike Maintenance Classes in Chicago


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You're geared up, ready to take on the world (err, the south Lake Shore bike path), and... BAM. A flat tire. You just rode yesterday; how did this happen in a matter of 24 hours? Plans ruined.

In this class, Dabblers will learn how to fix those pesky little bike problems that affect our ability to get around town. Learn how to fix a flat tire, as well as all the tips, tricks and tools needed to easily maintain your ride throughout the year.

This class will combine expert instruction with some hands-on practice in a small group setting, where all participants will get a chance to try out replacing tires on demo wheels and properly using bike tools

Come away confident in your ability to conquer all your bike's problems!

Course Reviews (7)
100% positive

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    Kp O.

    Left about 3 years ago

    Really nice space and instructors and a well presented, quick overview of basic bike care.

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    David C.

    Left over 3 years ago

    Alex and Leslie are great. Very knowledgeable and provided a laid back environment so no one felt intimidated. I feel very comfortable changing my own tire now. I even learned a few other easy maintenance tips that I didn't know before. I would highly recommend this class.

    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Kate B.","created_at":"over 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBasic Bicycle Maintenance\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Money well spent! Great hands-on experience. I appreciate the handout of info too. These folks know their stuff...I'll definitely be back for help with my bike.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Kristi S.","created_at":"over 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBasic Bicycle Maintenance\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"I thought this was a great glass for beginners like myself. I left confident that I could fix a flat and with the skills to make minor tweaks to the bike to help it perform better. I also appreciated that Alex and Lesley were willing to answer lots of questions and even extended the offer to bring our own individual bikes in another time to have them help us learn how to make adjustments. For someone who already knows very basic bike maintenance this might not be an ideal class, but if you're a newbie or looking for a refresher, it's a great choice.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"//","reviewer_name":"Christopher H.","created_at":"over 3 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBasic Bicycle Maintenance\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Great class with patient, friendly, knowledgeable instructors. Highly recommended for folks who are sick of paying a bike shop to fix your flat tires. After this class you'll be able to do it yourself like a pro. Tires are provided to practice on, but the instructors were available to answer any questions about your particular set-up. Good stuff. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Frank M.","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EBasic Bicycle Maintenance\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"This was a great class. Loved the hands on tire-changing lesson. Before the class, it took me an hour to do this, and afterwards, my next flat only took 15 minutes to change. ","teacher_response":null}

    After becoming infatuated with bicycles from an early age, Alex knew that being a part of the bicycle community was all he wanted to do with his life. He has worked in the bicycle industry as a mechanic for 12 years. Having always wanted to be a small business owner, five years ago, he and his wife Lesley opened Roscoe Village Bikes. He has taught many maintenance clinics in the past and has always enjoyed helping empower people to do repairs that they may not need a bike shop for.

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