B2B Blogging for Beginners

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Thinking that your business needs a blog, but not sure where to start? New marketer that needs to learn about blogging for their job? This class will help you get to where you need to be.

This class will start at the beginning, covering why businesses blog in the first place, and determining what your company should be blogging about. I'll keep the class size small, so we have a few minutes to talk about each of your companies and how they would benefit from a blog.

Then, we'll get down to business, talking about how to get followers, attract attention, and the components that make up the perfect B2B blog. We'll save some time as well for some Q&A, because all of this is great in theory, but you need to have the tools to put this information into action.

In short, this class will teach you about the benefits a blog can bring to your company, how to compose a strong blog post, and how to get your content out to the most potential customers possible.

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    Shannon C.
    B2B Blogging for Beginners

    Amanda can take an extraordinary complex skill and make it as easy as A-B-C. Whether you're someone who is interested in starting a food blog or you're trying to find the best content strategy for business, Amanda will lay out the ground rules of B2B blogging. She was able to touch on every important aspect of the subject in only a couple hours. If you want to take a take a class that is free of fluff and full of information you can take away with you, then take Amanda's class. You'll love it!

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    Kadesha T.
    B2B Blogging for Beginners

    A good class for super-duper beginners

    From Teacher:

    Thanks Kadesha! Yes, this class is great for people who are just starting out with blogging.

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Amanda Glandon

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Amanda manages marketing & social media for Load Delivered Logistics here in Chicago. She has spent the last 5 years perfecting her social media and blogging skills, helping many small-to-medium companies launch and grow their programs. From doctors and financial planners to larger B2B services companies, she has experience in marketing to all types of customers.