Attracting a High Quality Match in 2017

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Tinder has destroyed the opportunity to meet quality, authentic men!

Find out exactly how to beat the "swipe to the next" mentality and attract a high quality, single man in 2017!

Join Jason Silver, professional dating coach and attraction expert in this intimate 2 hour interactive workshop on exactly how to date differently to get different results.

Jason has been a professional love coach for over 6 years and has been hired by celebrities and featured by MTV, ABC World News, Women's Health, Men's Fitness and many more.  He was previously the CEO of the only school in the world for professional matchmakers and now resides in Chicago and offers 1 on 1 date coaching services for single women.

  1. Find out the #1 attraction killer
  2. Learn how to meet and attract a high quality man
  3. Discover 3 "mindset hacks" so you can enjoy the dating process

Jason Silver

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Jason Silver has been a professional dating coach since 2012. He is the founder of We Just Match and former CEO of the Matchmaking Institute, and has been featured in numerous magazines and TV shows including MTV, Huffington Post, ABC World News Now, Chicago Tribune, Women's Health and Men's Fitness. His expertise has been sought out by CEO's, celebrities and singles from all over the world.