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The catch-22 of our current reality: we have more technology available at our fingertips than ever before in helping keep us organized, yet choosing what to use is enough to put us in a tizzy... and so, we remain in a state of disorganization.

In this class, Dabblers will learn how to get and stay organized and productive using today’s technology. Applications (web and mobile) are a great way to keep yourself sane. You will learn how to maintain quality to-do lists, keep track of your important information and coordinate your tasks with others.

The class will cover three main topics outlined below. The three topics are often co-dependant on one another because in order to get things done, you need access to information quickly, and much of the time you are relying on others to accomplish your tasks and projects.

Section 1: To do lists
• Understanding what should and should not be on a To Do list and reprioritization of To Do items.
• Review of the most popular To-Do list applications for desktop and mobile computing.
• In-depth review of

Section 2: Storing of information
• Understanding the value of keeping information handy and what type of information you should store.
• Review of the many cloud-based programs that help one store and find information on the fly (desktop and mobile).
• In-depth review of

Section 3: Collaboration
• Understanding when it is practical to share technologies with others to coordinate the completion of a task or project.
• Review of several project collaboration web and mobile applications.
• In-depth review of how to share and collaborate with, and

The end of class will be reserved for Q&A.

To get the most out of this class, users should be smart phone owners, and comfortable with trying new web applications.

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All ages welcome

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Jim Drass is currently employed as a senior manager for a small Chicago-based firm. He is a self-proclaimed web and mobile app aficionado (not programmer, but uber-user), and he has cracked the code that can help to keep anyone organized, no matter how much ADD they think they may have.

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