Earth Day Planting & Buddhist Temple Tour

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The MBT Legacy Garden, which was dedicated on June 22, 2014, is “an oasis of peace and inspiration for the Buddhist community and larger public alike,” says its designer, world-renowned landscape designer Hoichi Kurisu of Portland-based Kurisu International.
This nurturing garden was conceived to honor the first- and second-generation Japanese-American pioneers who founded the Midwest Buddhist Temple here in Chicago. With Japanese temple garden design principles, the garden is in perfect balance with the architecture of the temple. And represents a perfect thank you to the generations who made certain that the Midwest Buddhist Temple will continue to grow.

Other significant features include trees planted by the temple’s nisei members (second-generation Japanese-Americans) in honor of the issei (first-generation Japanese-Americans) who founded the temple in 1944; a handcrafted stone bowl water feature that sits at the base of the statue of Shinran Shonin; marble and slate from the highlands of China; and blue glazed roof tiles from Japan.

In the coming years, the garden will become even lovelier as the groundcovers grow and fill in—and, according to Mr. Kurisu, as the hearts of volunteer garden keepers and visitors become reflected in the Legacy Garden.

“Love has to grow,” he says, “otherwise the garden doesn’t mean anything.”

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