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New to the Game? This is the place where you can get to know the basics of the game, the grip, the swing, the different clubs used and much more in a relaxed one to one environment. The class will take place at the Diversey driving range near the Lake shore area.

That One Shot – There’s no way to do justice to describing the feeling of pure exhilaration you’ll experience the first time you connect your golf club with that little white ball. There’s really nothing like it! You can do it…And you’ll never forget it! Believe me, it will keep you coming back to the game you love!

I'm flexible with my timings. Please let me know if any changes are needed. I will do my best to work it out!

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Has a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering and started playing golf at the age of 18 with the thought of getting all his research frustrations on the poor golf ball. Underwent training by golf professionals to get himself better at the game and finally would like to teach the basics and pass on the information about the beautiful game to beginners!