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If you're gearing up for Lollapalooza or heading on a camping trip where you'll be crowded around a bonfire, learn to play a song in one class that will impress your friends (and yourself).

Please submit the song you'd like to learn after registering for the class. I have been playing many different styles for 14 years, and can determine the best way to tackle your tune.

By the end of the class, you will know how to play the full song you have requested to learn - at your playing level!

The more information I know about you and your skills, the better I can prepare for you before class, so please, along with the song you'd like to learn, include your current playing level when signing up for the class.

To determine your level, use the following:

Can you play G, C, D, A, E minor, and a few other basic open chords?
If not, Level 1.

Can you change basic open chords without stopping to reposition your fingers?
If not, Level 1

Can you play a song from the beginning to the end without stopping?
If not, Level 1.5

Can you do some simple bass runs?
If not, try Level 2

Do you know F, Dm, and simple Bm chords?
If not, try Level 2

Can you play complete songs in the guitar keys of A,C, D, E, and G and make them sound musical?
If not, try Level 2.5

Do you know barre chords?
If not, try Level 3

Can you find them up and down the neck?
If not, Level 3.5

Can you do Travis Picking (your thumb does an alternating bass line and your fingers do a repeated pattern)?
If not, try Level 4.

What to Bring

Please bring your own guitar.

Minimum age

1 years or older

What's Provided

If you do not have a guitar, I can provide one.

Cancellation Policy


Quinn has been playing many different styles of guitar for 14 years. He uses the style of teaching simple songs to introduce new techniques to maintain interest and show a clear progression. His passion for the live performance of music is strong, and he even reviews music concerts for a living.

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