DIY Herbal Eyewash

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Using an eyewash is a great way to refresh the eye as well as treat common eye conditions such as dryness and allergies. If you're a heavy computer user (and who isn't these days?) or have seasonal allergies, chances are your eyes are feeling irritated. This workshop is designed to give you an introduction to over-the-counter treatments as well as ways to naturally make your eyes more comfortable.

We will be making and using a natural eye wash during the class and each participant will leave with a kit to use at home.

Note: You will be removing eye make up (if worn) during class, so be sure to bring your own makeup if you want to freshen up before leaving!

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All ages welcome

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Dr. LaBrosse is an optometrist with a passion for holistic health care. In a world where pharmaceuticals and quick fixes seem to be the norm, Dr. LaBrosse approaches patient care differently. Prevention and maintenance are essential for good health, and also for eye health. Her classes and workshops focus on simple and natural things we can do to enhance our vision and eye comfort.