Earth Day Workshop & Art Exhibit | Ages: 6 & Up

There currently are no dates scheduled for this course. Message the host to request a new date or private class.

Aneliya Chalakova

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Aneliya's educational philosophy is based on elements from the arts, music, creation and imagination. She is looking to teach deep understanding of life, nature and others thru artistic innovation and creation. Aneliya is conceptual thinker and has been teaching creative classes for more than 5 years. She is the founder of a small creative company called Seventh Green Circle and believes in the balance of Mind, Body and Spirit and her connection with nature.

The Midwest Buddhist Temple Legacy Garden, which was dedicated in 2014, is “an oasis of peace and inspiration for the Buddhist community and larger public alike,” says its designer, world-renowned landscape designer Hoichi Kurisu of Portland-based Kurisu International.

This nurturing garden was conceived to honor the first- and second-generation Japanese-American pioneers who founded the Midwest Buddhist Temple here in Chicago. With Japanese temple garden design principles, the garden is in perfect balance with the architecture of the temple. And represents a perfect thank you to the generations who made certain that the Midwest Buddhist Temple will continue to grow.