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You told yourself back in November ‘02 that - as part of your effort to give handmade holiday gifts that would make everyone in your family tear up - you would learn how to knit. Scarves for Mom, Aunt Gertrude and Cousin Kim... plus one for yourself.

Instead, they got gift certificates to Starbucks and here you are, eight years later with knitting needles and yarn buried in your bottom desk drawer.

In this class, Dabblers will learn knitting basics including how to cast-on, knit, and bind off, as well the importance of gauge, yarn weight, and needle size. With these skills, Dabblers will be empowered to make a multitude of projects independently, including scarves, blankets, and dish cloths.

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    Caryn B.

    Left almost 4 years ago

    Knitting 101 was fabulous. Erica is a great teacher. I left feeling confident that I learned the material presented. She was friendly, unbelievably helpful, knowledgeable, and accessible.

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    Dabble Student

    Left almost 4 years ago

    Erica, the instructor, was great - friendly, patient, enthusiastic. I love that I learned the basics for $20 - knitting shops in Chicago are charing $100 for a class with a nearly identical description.

    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Awesome, patient, focused instruction. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Very easy intro to knitting - instructor was hands on, had materials, knew her stuff","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Erica provided excellent instruction in several different manners so that people who learn through hands on, visual, paper instructions, etc. all could benefit. It was a very comfortable setting and really appreciated all of the individual attention she was willing to provide.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Erica did a great job and taught exactly what I expected to learn - a huge strength for a short class where you could see things getting off track. The group was also just the right size and allowed for some fun/socializing in addition to the learning.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"I thought Erika was a great teacher - had a good sense of humor, but stayed focus on the task at hand. She was sweet, funny, and clearly really passionate about knitting. I was a little afraid I'd show up and it'd be a drab group of old ladies, but I was presently surprised to find young, fun girls there. I had a great time! ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"I really enjoyed the class - I liked that it was small and kept small on purpose. I had tried knitting before, but having Erica there to watch and give feedback was really helpful.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Great introduction to knitting from a very patient, knowledgeable teacher","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Very fun! The teacher was great and I liked that it was a small group. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Dabble Student","created_at":"almost 4 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003EKnitting 101\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"The teacher knew her craft and was very helpful! She really took the time to individually help people and make sure everyone understood her instructions. ","teacher_response":null}

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    100% positive


      Erica Hawkinson is a long-time knitter (14 years!) whose expertise and passion for the craft has had friends and family begging her to share her skills. In a former life, she was a needle arts store manager and a bilingual elementary teacher, and she currently works in the non-profit education sector.

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