Meditation for Beginners

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Fitness & Wellness

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Learn how to get the most of your day and your life by incorporating daily meditation into your schedule.  This class will provide you with the basic tools to take time for yourself to get centered and focus on what matters most: your mental and physical well-being. 

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We love crafting. It seems a lost art, but it has gained momentum over the last couple of years and we are excited. We don't think enough people craft and we started "REMIX" to bring the love of crafting to others who may not have been exposed to all it has to offer.

"REMIX" started with the concept of using existing items to make new ones. This was our way of helping to save the environment, while doing something that we love. While this is still a major part of our business, we learned that other wanted to know how the process was completed. We built upon our total knowledge of crafting and now offer the opportunity for others to learn how to make new items from old or totally new items by hand. What greater satisfaction can one get from owning an item, accept by knowing they created it themselves.

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