Qi Gong - Simple and Healing Moving Meditation (4 week session)

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Students who might not be English confident, feel free to bring 1 bilingual friend for free BUT YOU MUST MESSAGE US so we know to have enough space and supplies - Thank you! 

The Art of Chinese Health Series, which includes this class, will be ending Dec 8th, 2019 and starting up again 6 to 12 months later in 2020. 

Qi Gong is a type of Chinese medical exercise that can be described as “moving meditation.”  It is designed to improve strength and flexibility as well as to cultivate qi, the vital energy of life.

The type of qi gong that we practice together was taught to your instructor Dong Chen by her father, Grand Master Zheng Hong Chen, who used qi gong to heal himself after accidentally stepping off a bridge while making a film in China.  His spine was broken in seven places, his shoulder was severely injured, and he had a pre-existing heart condition.  To see him, one would never have guessed these injuries.

Your registration is for one time per week for 4 weeks and you can select from any of the following days and times. 

You can sign up for a one-time preview class with Dong for $45 for 2 hours at https://dabble.co/rc/seedscenter155, or 4 sessions for $37/2 hour class to begin to see changes in your personal health.  

Classes with 1 student will end at 8pm instead of 8:30pm

Each student will have their exercise customized to them, so please email with anything bothering your health at minimum 24 hours before class to achieve the best results.

Each 4 session student is expected to practice at home as well for maximum results. 

The location is conveniently located near the Berwyn Redline and many buses. There is also plenty of street parking west of Broadway near the location as well. 


We do not provide refunds, but we do work to tailor our classes to our students' schedules. For more information on our policies, visit: https://www.seedscenter.org/terms-and-conditions/ 

Classes start promptly at the scheduled time. We cannot accept latecomers, but will work with you to reschedule upon request.

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Dong Chen

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I am Dong, your qi gong and herbal, medicinal teas instructor, native born from China. Ever since my pre-teen days, I have been studying traditional Chinese herbology. Later in life, I learned qi gong, acupressure, and acupuncture as an adult.

To me, Chinese medicine is an art. I learned that during my sick childhood, suffering from severe asthma which had prevented me from attending elementary school. During my quest to find relief from asthma, I learned the value of Chinese medicinal philosophy and the ancient knowledge it carries.

I want to share my experience and knowledge with everyone just as my father did as a Qi Gong Grand Master. We both found our cures for our ailments through the practice of traditional Chinese medicinal philosophy and arts. Thank you all for reading.