with Jayme Joyce

Networking Classes in Chicago


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Most of us have a love hate relationship to networking.

This class will explore a method that doubled my network in approximately two months. Best part of all? It was pretty painless.

If you are a business owner looking for new clients, a business development person, or nonprofit development person, this class is for you! We'll start with a general overview of the method, a guided workshop, and end in somewhat of a speed networking session to practice the method.

In the end you will walk out, not only with a ton of new contacts from the class, but with a whole new philosophy on how to approach networking and a step-by-step method to put it into practice immediately.

This method is not my own, I was lucky enough to have been in a pilot program which will be released online over the next couple of months. Details on that to come!

100% of the proceeds of this class will go to Dabble, BTW.


Jayme is the co-owner of a video company and began networking with very few business contacts. In a short amount of time, she was able to grow her network of hundreds of quality targeted contacts and can attribute most of her company's new business to networking.