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with Christina Schafermeyer

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Have you always wanted to learn to play the piano? Come join a no-pressure class that introduces the piano and fundamentals of piano playing with a body awareness approach and a sense of fun and exploration!

We'll start by looking at the inside of a grand piano and learning about how the different parts work together to make sounds. Next, you'll learn some of the basic movements involved in piano playing, with an awareness of the body that promotes freedom in playing. You'll have the opportunity to use what you've learned to explore playing notes and how to produce different sounds. At the end of the class, you'll have a chance to either learn a simple melody or try improvising with a partner. (Class size is limited to allow everyone a chance to play.)

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100% positive

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    Penny A.

    Left almost 3 years ago

    Fun, hands-on lesson that made me feel like I can actually learn to play the piano, despite having zero musical experience.


    Christina is a classically trained pianist with a piano performance degree from the Eastman School of Music, and a master's degree in language education. Having studied the effect of emotions and learning styles on learning, as well as studying injury preventative techniques, she helps students to learn piano while keeping aware of the body and mind in order to play freely. Her class incorporates physical movement and activities to help students acquire skills naturally. Her teaching style encourages self-analysis, reflection, building on foundations, exploration, and fun~

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