MBTI: Personality Type in Everyday Life

with Levi Baer

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Have you ever wondered why some people dominate the conversation during a meeting while others can't seem to get a word in otherwise?
Have you pondered why some people seem to get their feelings hurt quicker than others?
Do ideas and theories come easier to you than facts and figures?
Do strict schedules put you at ease? Do they stress you out?

Please join me for an interactive workshop that answers these questions and more, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. You will develop understanding about your own predispositions, gain insight into others’ behavior, and learn strategies for effective communication based on your own and others’ types. Knowledge gained in this workshop is immediately applicable to relationships with coworkers, family, spouses/partners, and even strangers.

This workshop will include:
- Using the MBTI tool to verify each participant's personality type
- A presentation on personality types lead by the facilitator
- Hands on activities that demonstrate personality type in real world situations
- Take home reference materials

Come expand your understanding of who we all are and why we do what we do!

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100% positive

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    Kathy M.

    Left almost 2 years ago

    As someone who has been interested for years in the MBTI personality-type system, I still learned so much from this class! Especially on how type is used to understand conflict from different perspectives. I gained ideas/tips/strategies on how to better handle resolving conflict in my personal life and the workplace. The information presented was done in a fun and interactive way, too!


    As a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Professional, Levi is an expert in the field of personalty type. He has studied human interaction both professionally and informally for over ten years and uses the MBTI to bring people together in effective communication. Levi's goal is to always bring out the best that everyone has to offer.

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