How To Use Social Media To Find Your Next Lead

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Discover how to find your next lead with social media.

This will be an interactive classroom setting. Part of it will be a structured walk-through of how to use social media services to start building your business. The rest of the time will be a question and answer session to help you find the specific social media strategy you need for your business.

This class will help you:

1. Develop your lead generation system online
2. Understand how to use the platforms with your current business
3. Enhance your understandings of how to communicate with prospects through social media.

Andrew Nathan

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Andy Nathan is the founder of Smart at the Start, a social networking consulting company that helps small businesses grow through bite-sized social networking services. He successfully worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs in over 75 different industries in the past three years.

As a former mortgage broker for 5 years, he used Facebook to find and close real estate deals. Now, he uses the same methods that worked successfully for him to help his clients with their social networking needs. Andy graduated from National Louis University with a Masters Degree in Education.

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