Shamanic Dreamwork: Ignite Your Intuition

with CARLY

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In this workshop we will practice the proper protocol and procedure for connecting to the Dream Realm. Carl Jung, refers to this as the Process of Individuation -- where we work to connect our conscious Self to our unconscious Self (the psyche).

When we practice dreaming in this capacity, as opposed to while we are sleeping, we also have greater opportunity for remembering-- the messages that our Inner Self, is giving.

This particular meditation does not seek to quiet the monkey mind. Rather, we will give it our full attention-- after all, it is speaking to us. Why force those voices to be quiet? To shut them down only makes them louder!

From this perspective we are able to gain direct access to our Intuition, more frequently. Which is a priceless tool, tried and true, that you can count on for guidance as you navigate through this world that requires the continual making of decisions.

There will also be a sharing portion, when we will dive into discussion about dream symbolism. So that we may know with clarity, what it is, that our Intuition is saying.

We will enter the Dream Realm during the Full Moon at 9° Scorpio.

The Sabian Symbol for 9° Scorpio is: A Dentist at work. Teeth represent our basic (bone) structure, ruled by Saturn.

Dane Rhudyar’s interpretation of this symbol is “overcoming the negative results of social practices, and ego-cravings.”

Delicious Tea, handcrafted by Norma, of Shadow Emporium will be served.

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Carly is a Structure Constructor, well-versed in the laws and language of the Universe.

Her work is dedicated to developing stable platforms that will withstand the test of time.

She believes, that the most important foundations, are the ones that hold us together on the inside.

Carly is an Astrologer, a Firewalking Instructor, & an active, empathetic Listener.

Her mission is to meet people where they stand.

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