Raising Capital via a "Network" Raise

with Nick Delgado

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Are you an entrepreneur with a fast growing enterprise looking to raise millions from Venture Capitalists? Congratulations on your venture, but unfortunately this class is NOT for you.

Raising capital from friends and family is designed for entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring their funding options, but may not fit the traditional venture capital model. In this highly interactive course, we'll explore the playbook for a "network raise" and help you identify a custom funding roadmap.

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100% positive

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    Elena M.

    Left over 3 years ago

    Very useful class with amazing slides. Great space and organization. Would love to learn more from Nick!


    Nicholas Delgado is a Principal and Chief Wealth Officer at Dignitas. With 15+ years of experience in the financial services and wealth advisory industry, Nick has become a go-to advisor for start-up/high growth entrepreneurs, seasoned executives and individuals entering their second life. Nick has a unique perspective on funding for privately held companies having served as both an investor and advisor/coach to entrepreneurs. Nick is a regular speaker on topics of raising capital and designing investment strategies for investors.