Basics of City Fitness Walking

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Do you already walk 2-3 miles a day? Do you exercise enough? Are you physically and mentally together? If so, don't take this class.

For the rest of us, the problem is simple. While we *believe* walking is great exercise, fights depression and costs almost nothing, our behavior doesn't match what we believe. We don't walk. For many, walking is what you do between the house and the car!

This class will be a walking class, outside in the Andersonvillle/Bowmanville neighborhoods. We'll stop occasionally for quick lectures on how to incorporate walking into your life. By and large, you'll learn by doing. When we're finished, you'll have taken 5000-7500 steps, and you'll get how easy this is to incorporate to your life.

Here's what you'll walk away with:

1. basic, common-sense advice on how to make walking effortless
2. a chance to discuss your situation and what options make sense for you
3. a small community (me and your classmates) who want to make it work


Comfortable clothing, walking shoes and enough outwear to keep warm for 1 - 1.5 hours outdoors.
Sunglasses, if you think you'll need them.

Smartphone with access to iTunes/Google Market and mapping.

Student Reviews

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    Dena S.
    Basics of City Fitness Walking

    Cornelia did a great job of explaining how to work fitness walking into daily life. She explained how to make something a habit and why fitness walking was a great form of exercise. She also discussed rolling carts which she uses to make running errands while walking easier.

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    Megan M.
    Basics of City Fitness Walking

    If you like the idea of a cheap, fun, low-impact way to lose weight and get into shape, then walking is for you. Cornelia explains the steps to get started and will help motivate you to become a daily walker. Highly recommended for anyone interesting in walking for fitness!

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Cornelia Bailey

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Cornelia Bailey loves to "get her steps in." For two years, she's walked with discipline, distance and a sense of humor. It's a habit that's changed her life.

When not walking or talking about walking, she's working as a User Experience Consultant at the University of Chicago.