Tour the Web & Create a Website

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Do you want a portfolio, business, or blogsite? Would you like to introduce a friend to web dev? Tried some free coding classes but can't quite make a full website?

Well then, this may be the Dabble for you.

Tour the Web by Creating a Website (with Hugo)

As a web dev tourist, you will see the highlights of the landscape of web development and have an affordable website with your own domain to show for it.

You will peer into technologies of the net -html, css, javascript -and speak a little of their language. You may even get to meet Github and tell the tale!

What or who is Hugo and how does it relate to website?

Hugo is a free, cutting-edge technology that allows you to create your own website in the languages of the web -html, css, javascript, and templating -through your computer's file system and downloadable software.

For more info, see here:

Course Outline:

(1) A Brief Overview of the Components of a Launched Website

(2) Download and Setup Hugo /Intro to Command Line

(3) Pick a Theme -Portfolio, Small Business, Blog

(4) Customize your Theme

(5) Put your Website on the Internet and go over Domain Names

(6) Celebrate!!

I love web development and this is the course I wish I could have taken before I started my coding journey -a simple, high-level overview of all the parts necessary to launch a website. Join me on an internet adventure full of challenges and surprises, all while humoring my jokes and indiscretions.

Thanks! -Joy

Materials to bring

Laptop with hard drive space and Wifi capability. Optionally, content for your desired website.

What will be provided

Instructions and commands for all technologies used.

Joy Holowicki

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Hi! I'm a professional web developer trained at Northwestern University's coding program. I make websites and small applications for a living. Check out my work here: Contact me via Twitter: @JoycodesJS.