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Cold one.
Tall boy.
Brain hammer.
Giggle water.

The names for beer are as variant as the different types themselves. This Dabble class was created to educate brew enthusiasts about the history of beer, the ingredients that go into making it, and the different styles of beer that have evolved over the course of beer’s rich and sordid past.

Beerpreciation will cover information about the basic elements of beer, flavor attributes and what differentiates the many styles of beer. Participants will discuss the different components of beer and the five characteristics that beers are assessed on, and will leave with a better understanding of the role each ingredient plays in making the final product.

And no beer appreciation class would be complete without a taste testing of the different raw ingredients that make the beer, as well as several different styles of beer.

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The first thing you should know about Brian O’Connell is that his last name is O’Connell, which means he’s at least partly Irish. That alone probably makes him qualified enough to teach this class, but if you need further credentials, he is the owner and head brewer at Renegade Brewing Company and has been home brewing since 2005. Always up for a challenge, Brian appreciates bold full flavored beers; from highly hopped IPAs to bold robust Russian Imperial Stouts, and hopes to share his wealth of knowledge about hearty brews with eager students.

13 Have Dabbled