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Train Your Senses to Recognize the Most Common Flaws in Beer

Many of the beers we drink contain off flavors, but can you correctly identify them? The best beer tasters in the world do not contain a special "beer tasting gene" in their DNA. They practice their craft by spiking beers and training their palates to recognize certain flavors. Over time they hone their senses to pick up even the slightest trace of an ingredient.

And that's what we're doing to do in this class.

We're going to spike 10 beers with the following certified beer flavor standards:
- Diacetyl
- Metallic
- Hop oil
- Sulphur
- Esters
- Lightstruck
- Oxidized
- Musty
- Phenolic

Will you be able to taste them? Will you be able to identify what you're tasting? We'll find out!

Who is this class for?
- Homebrewers who want to evaluate and diagnose their beers to improve them.
- Cicerone and BJCP Beer Judge students who want to pass their exams.
- Passionate beer drinkers who want to improve their palates and become better beer tasters.

In this class I'll teach proper beer tasting techniques and explain not just what off flavors you're tasting, but how they might have gotten there. As an experienced homebrewer I can dive into the beer making process to teach you common causes of off flavors.

Sign up now & let's taste some bad beer together!

What to Bring

Pen and paper for notes

What's Provided

Off Flavor Standards and Control Beers

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Billy is the homebrewing expert on the Rocky Mountain PBS television show "Colorado Brews". He is the founder of The Homebrew Academy, an online training website for homebrewers with thousands of members worldwide, and is also a co-author of the popular homebrewing book, "Craft Beer for the Homebrewer."

Billy started brewing beer in college and hasn't slowed down. Over the past 8 years he has gone to all-grain brewing, built an automated brewing system, and become a Certified BJCP beer judge. Having an equal passion for homebrewing and craft beer culture, Billy blogs about the latter at

7 Have Dabbled

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