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Health & Beauty

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“Fragrance” – it’s such a simple word, yet comes with a whole lot of power. Did you know that the FDA allows companies to hide countless toxic ingredients under the term “fragrance”? They say it helps avoid giving away trade secrets, which I get, and sometimes they do smell great, but at the same time what are we sacrificing for our health? If you're already thinking "I hate perfume" or "Perfume gives me a headache", that is exactly why this workshop is for you! Most perfumes on the market are made with synthetics and fragrance which cause many people to get headaches and nausea. These will be made with plants and are actually beneficial for your body!

Join me as we dive into the world of essential oils, all their possibilities, and explore the creation of a signature scent. One of the best reasons to make your own natural perfume is to have a custom blended fragrance that you love that is also 100% natural and toxic free. It is also so easy and fun to make. I’ll have multiple options for you to choose from - from floral to sweet to woodsy to fruity! Grab some friends, BYOB, and get ready for a fun evening making a blend that will be ready for a date night, Valentine’s Day, your wedding day, or a girls' night out on the town! 

What's Provided

Essential Oils, Bottles, Mixing Materials, Recipes

What You Can Expect
  • Learn about toxins in our environment
  • Boost your health + wellness
  • Save money with a simple DIY
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Krystle Thompson is an Essential Oils Enthusiast and Educator. Her journey started over a decade ago, when she struggled with PMS symptoms and painful periods. She was introduced to essential oils, saw a huge difference, and never looked back.

Fast forward to 2016, when she got married and became the gatekeeper of what goes into her home and around her family. The more she studied, the more she realized how many toxic ingredients are still out on the store shelves - some of which market themselves as "natural" or "pure". That's when she dove even deeper into the world of essential oils, knowing that these plants that have been used for centuries as medicines, perfumes, beauty, and more are still the best option.

Krystle has a passion for teaching others all the different ways to use good old "plant juice", and she loves hosting DIY events! She believes there is nothing better than getting a small group together to learn, share testimonials, build friendships, and make products that are going to benefit your homes and your bodies.

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