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For some of us, Corporate America represents the life of luxury. For others, it's a cage. If you're of the latter camp and yearn for the sort of work environment that supports scrappy, free thinking and creative autonomy ... this class'll show you how to get there.

Dabble co-founder Jess Lybeck is sharing her secrets on what it takes to work at a startup. We'll start by discussing what, exactly, constitutes a startup and how the work environment is different than that of Corporate America. Then we'll dive into practical tips for making yourself stand out from a sea of eager candidates. Learn:

• How to write the un-cover letter and tailor your résumé to fit a startup's unique needs
• Getting (and nailing) the interview
• Following up and asserting yourself into the mix
• The importance of startup networking
+ more!

All Dabblers will leave emboldened to free themselves of Corporate America and with the tools necessary to be successful in pursuit of startup happiness.

Course Reviews (24)
100% positive

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    Sarah F.

    Left over 1 year ago

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Land a Job at a Startup Dabble class. Jess has a great energy and was full of actionable information. Having an MBA and experience working for large corporations, I needed to gain a better understanding of how to approach a startup as it is even more informal than I had imagined. I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in working at a startup or starting their own company because Jess provided information and resources that are relevant for those who want to start their own company as well.

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    Christina Z.

    Left over 1 year ago

    Jess did a great job providing a broad overview of the process of finding work (and actually working) at a startup. While I was familiar with most of the material she presented as I've been researching this field for a while now, she consolidated most of my findings into a quick, two-hour session and included a helpful handout. I'd recommend this class if you are starting to think about working in a startup environment as it will save you a lot of time spent conducting research on your own!

    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Gustavo V.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"The class was very fun and insightful. It definitely helped me clarify some personal doubts that I had about how I should approach startup companies and their CEO's. I feel much more comfortable and confident moving forward. I highly recommend this class to anyone is not very familiar with the startup culture but considering a career change. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Adam C.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"If you're thinking about working for a start-up, do yourself a favor and attend Jess's mini class! I gained many essential, inside tips and left feeling encouraged, motivated, and confident as I move towards my career with a start-up company. Two thumbs up, Jess! Thanks a million for teaching this class.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Matt R.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"More fun than I expected and very informative. Jess laid out a bunch of practical steps to increase your chances of landing a gig at a start-up. Everything presented was clear, concise and on point. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Jan A.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"I wasn\u2019t quite sure what to expect, but this was a well thought out and totally worthwhile class. I feel like I genuinely walked away with really good advice about how to approach a start-up differently from a corporate company. Not only that, but the class really made me feel empowered about the steps I can take to help my chances. I started working on my own personal website that night!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"R. A. H.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Great class, exactly what I was looking for: not a promise of how to land a job, but an overview of all the ways startups are different (culturally, organizationally, financially) from established companies, and solid info about why I need to rebrand myself with those differences in mind.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Chris B.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"This class did an excellent job contrasting corporate and startup worlds and gave truly substantive and helpful tips on how to get noticed by busy entrepreneurs. Jess was a great teacher, I highly recommend this class to anyone interested in working at a startup. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Amir J.","created_at":"over 1 year","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Informative class. Gave good insight into the details of finding a startup job. Would recommend to anyone. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Douglas W.","created_at":"about 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"This was an amazing class. I've been job hunting for 4 years and much of my failure was explained here. There is so much creative energy with start ups I recommend taking this class as it brought excitement, imagination, and direction back into my job search!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Kevin S.","created_at":"about 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Jess' class exceeded all of my expectations. She went above and beyond to provide the class with all kinds of useful insights into the startup world and how to market yourself to it. I highly recommend Land a Job at a Startup.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Steven V.","created_at":"about 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"A great class taught by the founder of several successful startups. I found having Inception-style insight very helpful.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Troy S.","created_at":"about 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Excellent class! The content was great, the vibe was positive and fun, and the teacher, Jessica, was inspirational as well as well informed on the subject. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Lauren B.","created_at":"about 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Fantastic class!! Jessica did an incredible job of integrating lots of information into a well-organized, easy-to-follow and easy-to-digest format. Lots of tangible tools and concrete takeaways. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Lindsey D.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Jessica provided great insight into the hiring process in the start-up community. She explained the information in a way that was easy to follow and provided concrete steps to put into action. This class is a must for anyone considering working for a start-up or small business. Oftentimes when we are taught how to job search, the process is mainly focused on working in corporate environments. The process for start-ups is MUCH different and it was great to hear about the process straight from the source!","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Rachel G.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Very fun, fast paced course. It touched on things that wouldn't have otherwise occurred to me as important to many businesses because they are not welcomed in most of the corporate world. For example being able to work autonomously, being willing to jump in even if it's not in your area of expertise and being passionate about the company and their mission. Definitely learned quite a bit! Jess' background and story are inspirational and her experience is completely relevant to the class. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Chad J.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Jess did a great job sharing such a huge load of practical and relevant information in a two-hour time frame. The class was well attended. Good format and venue.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Brit S.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"I loved attending the class. Jessica was fantastic, and her detailed handouts were SO helpful. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Ana B.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"Going into it, I had no idea what to expect from this class... and it blew away all of my expectations! Not only did I walk out with a better understanding of the startup community, but I left with a new-found confidence as well. A corporate job is scary (for many reasons!) but making the leap to greener pastures can be downright terrifying. Jess provided us with great tips, tricks and tools to get going. I would highly recommend this class for anyone needing a push in the RIGHT direction :)","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Rachel K.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"To be honest I came to the class a little skeptical. I've been out networking and playing the hiring dating game and thought I knew all the tricks. To my surprise I had a lot to learn! Based on this class I'm redesigning my r\u00e9sum\u00e9 and cutting the content, creating an profile, re-strategizing my company targets, rewriting my cover letter/email, ordering some books and ditching my suits. Such refreshing and helpful info.","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"/assets/fallback/default_user_photo-fe6b38820801837035a2ac616de1bed0.png","reviewer_name":"Erin C.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"It was great getting ideas of how to start a job search and also seeing examples of creative resumes. ","teacher_response":null}
    {"commenter_avatar":"","reviewer_name":"Corey K.","created_at":"over 2 years","title_link":"\u003Cstrong\u003ELand a Job at a Startup\u003C/strong\u003E","positive":true,"review_content":"With such an enthusiastic and engaging presenter (Dabble's co-founder, Jes) and so many vibrant minds in attendance, there was fantastic energy! \u003C I don't mean that in the \"I use crystals to heal my illness ... ouch, I have something in my third eye\" kind of way. The course was entertaining, fast-moving, and highly informative. We had questions and Jes answered each and every one of them thoughtfully. Plus there was alcohol, so it's exactly what I thought college would be like, only much less expensive and way more fun. ","teacher_response":null}

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      25 teacher reviews, 100% positive


      Jessica is the co-founder of Dabble. Since starting Dabble just over a year ago, she has received hundreds of resumes and job inquiries. Knowing what sticks, what falls flat and what gosh-darn amazes her from job-seekers inspired her to teach this class.

      A bit of background ... Jessica defines and designs the Dabble user experience for students, teachers & hosts alike. In a previous life, Jessica (a grad from UW-Milwaukee ... go Panthers!) worked for Skidmore, Owings & Merrill as an urban designer tackling strategic problems in the public realm – including planning projects for Chicago 2016 (she's still sore on that one). Jessica left corporate America in pursuit of her own adventures... first, as the co-founder of a branding firm with current business partner Erin, and then as the co-founder of Dabble. Jess is psyched to have gone from "all work and no play" to "prioritizing play as work" and can be found Dabbling in hiking, wine-making, watercolor and making knock-your-socks-off birthday cards. Today Jess stands firmly by the motto "life, liberty and the pursuit of work / life balance!" She thinks Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

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