Cosmic Sound Bath Experience

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Join us for a Multi-Dimensional Sound Meditation where you will be guided through simple techniques that provide you with the skills and awareness to consciously modify the way your ancestral lineage is expressed through you and open your infinite potential for new genetic expressions and in turn change your personal reality. Prepare for an evening of deep insight and relaxation in sacred space permeated with light-infused crystalline sound.

I have created a unique process of awareness that I will guide you through in order to bring your full potential into form in every aspect of your life. We inherit and learn limitations that are physical, mental and emotional through genetics and collective fields. We often struggle our entire lives to move beyond these limitations. These barriers often keep us from attracting and manifesting what we want in life. I am going to show you that this doesn’t have to be an endless tedious journey. Each one of you will receive an individual reading upon arrival that will be the foundation of this process. Together we will tap into a current prominent emotion that is restricting your energy and creating mental and physical obstacles in your life. The method I am presenting also empowers you to automatically metabolize dense energies in any dimension of your existence. All it takes is your dedication to self-awareness and openness to explore the unknown.

Every element of our being is made up of vibrations and frequencies. The sounds created with intention directly interact with our vibrational waves. The sounds being offered in this space are interwoven with light frequencies of galactic, cosmic and universal expression. These sounds imbued with cosmic essence interact with our light bodies in a profound way which opens all aspects of ourselves to new and limitless potentials. This meditation includes 7 crystal singing bowls, a Sedna planetary gong, chimes, a crystal singing pyramid, a Moyo drum and more. As we allow the sounds to guide our entirety into a coherent restful state of being, we are simultaneously creating space to allow awareness, compassion, and gratitude to flow freely. As we slip out of our analytical mental mind, we are able to connect with profound aspects of ourselves and achieve integration and self-awareness on a deeper level.

Let’s unlearn this paradigm together and anchor in our utopian future!

Please arrive with enough time to make yourself comfortable, we begin at 6:45

Blankets, mats and bolsters are available at the venue!

Dress comfortably! This is about getting cozy and enjoying the experience.

What's Provided

Yoga mats, blankets, and bolsters are provided.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Ultimate relaxation
  • An effortless meditation experience
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Erin works with self awareness techniques, sound, vibrations and frequencies in order to achieve body/mind liberation and energetic reintegration to balance our systems and create a sense of well-being. She offers space to shift into altered states where we are more easily able to interact with and understand our subtle energy bodies. When we come together, we create a intricate supportive, expansive field of coherent expression that allows each of us to tap into dimensions, energies, and abilities that would otherwise be more difficult to access. By doing so, we are training our systems to embody new frequencies which carry the potential to enhance our lives and shift the collective as we know it. It brings her great pleasure to tap into these frequencies and bring them forward to be received by you through sound.