Furniture Painting Workshop: Private Party

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Note: This is a Private Party workshop. The price listed is valid for up to 4 other words, the "per ticket" price listed is valid for up to 4 people. 


Join me at my studio for a hands on introduction into the wonderful world of furniture painting! Our private party workshops are the perfect way to learn how to update your outdated furniture, home décor and kitchen cabinets. Using our custom blend chalky finish Furniture Paint, you will learn how to properly prep, paint, and protect your new treasure.


Workshops are held at our Denver home-based studio, in the University Hills area near S. Colorado Blvd and Yale.

Simply bring a piece of small furniture with you to the class and we'll take care of the rest. Think something you can carry in with one hand (stool, small side table, etc...). If each measurement (height, width, length) are under 22", its the perfect size!


We will be painting most of the time so make sure to wear comfortable, "painting approved" clothing :)


The beauty of this service is the agenda is flexible - if you'd rather spend the time learning how to paint your kitchen cabinets, for example, I'm happy to adjust the agenda to fit your needs.


Can't make the dates listed? No problem! We have many other openings - use the "Message Teacher" button to inquire about additional times and dates. 


General Logistics:

-One ticket is valid for up to 4 guests 

-Workshop Generally runs 2 hours 45 minutes 

-Full location details and directions will be emailed upon booking

-To confirm your appointment, full payment is due at the time of booking


What to Bring

Small piece of wood furniture or home decor to paint. Measurements should be under 22" on each side. If you can carry it in with one hand, it is typically the perfect size!

What's Provided

Instructor led training, Jar of Furniture Paint to complete your project, Use of all Brushes, Waxes and other Tools, 40+ page Furniture Painting e-book, Printed Learning Materials, Hand Painted Color Card, Special Product Discount Valid at the Workshop

Cancellation Policy


An avid DIY and home decor enthusiast, I've always had a love for interior design. Growing up, I was raised with the belief that I can have whatever I want, so long as I'm willing to work for it. Obsessed with interior design from a young age, I dreamed of having gorgeous décor and furniture…as an adult, I realized the high price of having these gorgeous items.

Seeking alternative options toward more affordable home design solutions, I started studying how to build custom furniture and refinish outdated furniture. Through discipline, hard work (and of course, lots of trial and error!), I learned how to have the home design I wanted without the high price tag.

After 14 months of research and development, I launched our premium chalky finish Furniture Paint line and today I spend my days doing what I love most - sharing my experiences with other aspiring DIYers and home design lovers!

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