Mother’s Day Welding

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Want a unique Mother’s Day experience?
I'm offering a very special class to make your Mother’s Day unforgettable!
Imagine spending part of your special day together doing something no one else is doing, Fusing metal together.

Sign Mom up as a guest and then sign yourself up to join her! (Each attendee must sign up for a spot) (Each attendee makes a steel flower arrangement.)

Mom may take the class solo if the children are un availible to attend, Its a great gift.

Class will be held in the afternoon; to not disrupt your breakfast in bed or fancy dinner plans.

I will provide all the materials needed to create a steel flower arrangement! A one of a kind project you will never forget and in the end you get to take it home and have it as a reminder of the unique Mother’s Day spent together.

Everyone takes home a small sculpture. Each pair will build a small sculpture that is Unique and hand made by you. 

All the materials and safety gear are provided. Feel free to BYOB for after class.

Please be advised the following clothing is highly recommended:
- Closed toe, Canvas or Leather shoes or boots
- Long sleeves and Long pants made of cotton or wool, NO synthetics
- Make sure the clothes you wear are okay to get dirty
- Bring leather gloves if you have them
- Bring eye and ear protection if you have it

- bring your reading glasses if you normally wear bi-focals

Student Reviews

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    Valerie M.
    Mother’s Day Welding

    I've always wanted to try welding. This class was a great experience and perfect way to spend the Mother's Day afternoon with my son!

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    Rhonda R.
    Mother’s Day Welding

    Chad was fantastic! Presented very open and friendly atmosphere. Good safety presentation. Looking forward to more classes!

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    Lori T.
    Mother’s Day Welding

    Best Mother's Day ever... my son and I got to try a new skill with a knowledgeable instructor - was well worth the price. Had a ton of fun!

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Chad Copeland

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I was raised in Northwest Indiana where some of the most beautiful landscapes abruptly end at the fences of giant industrial complexes. Urban landscapes that once thrived are now in a tailspin of economic and environmental disaster. Having been raised in that area, it seemed normal for beautiful sandy beaches to be interrupted by hazardous area signs, and gorgeous sunsets to have a smoke stack in silhouette with them. These scenes of my youth have imbedded themselves in my subconscious and have led me down a unique path of artistic exploration. I find it fascinating to incorporate hard industrial elements in works that address nature, or the human presence and form. In some of my work I have even played with the conundrum I find myself in considering the use of electricity generated locally, that I then consume to create work that generally is addressing the negativity of the system. The thought complexity, and conviction I put into my work is all directly connected with a guilt I feel as a postindustrial human.
My education started after enrolling at the American Academy of Art. This led me to my mentor and good friend Bobby Joe Scribner. A professor at the academy and a free-lance sculptor, Bobby Joe introduced me to the world of steel sculpture. It was the perfect medium for a young man like myself to use to express my complicated emotions surrounding Industry and Nature. Working with Bobby Joe turned into an Apprenticeship lasting nearly three years. Next I found myself working toward structural welding certificates. The last step in my undergraduate studies was returning to academia at Ball State University. This small State school in East Central Indiana boasts one of the finest sculpture/3D facilities in the Midwest. I spent two years in attendance here making some of the most powerful works of my career thus far, with a thesis containing all the research and evidence necessary to back up the series.
I now find myself residing in Denver Colorado. Here I am assembling a shop and studio to continue my personal work as well as offer my fabrication services to the public via commissioned work as well as open studio space and classes to those interested in learning to do the work themselves.