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Hey there,

Yep, it’s true. We’re inviting you to choose the fee split that’s right for you.

Why are we doing this? Well, we realize that people teach for many different reasons. It’s great marketing. It’s fun. It’s extra income. It builds teaching skills. It’s connecting with people offline in a very online world. By choosing your fee split, it allows you to be a part of Dabble in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Your decision to pay the suggested fee of 15% is completely up to you. No pressure, no judgment. Everything you give will go directly to covering the cost of running Dabble everyday. This includes marketing, customer service, and new feature development. If you simply love being part of the Dabble community and/or marketing is your primary goal, we’ll graciously accept a higher portion of the fee. Every little bit helps.

Our small team has a big belief in our mission to connect people through their interests. With your support, we’ll keep doing what we do best and make Dabble available for decades to come.

Join us in building a better Dabble community for all. We appreciate your support!


Dabble CEO

"Dabble has given me so much, I welcome the opportunity to give back."
-Meg Ahern, Calligraphy Teacher
Frequently Asked Questions

So, how exactly does it work?
For every class you post, you’ll be asked what percentage of the ticket sales you’ll take, and what you’d like to give to Dabble. The percentage you provide to Dabble will go directly to covering the cost of running Dabble everyday - focused marketing, customer service, and new feature development, among other things.
Why is 30% your suggested Dabble fee?
We spend thousands of dollars every month to keep this platform running. We took a long hard look at our costs of doing business and realized that 30% (plus 10% for processing) will allow Dabble to operate sustainably and grow our audience of Dabblers to keep filling up your classes.

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Teachers love Dabble
We're working hard every day to provide teachers with the best experience
Here's just a few things you'll receive for being a Dabble Teacher.
1 free to list
Free to List

Give Dabble between 10-100% of ticket price. Choose the fee split that works for you.

2 student registration
Student Registration

We handle all student payment & credit card processing on your behalf

3 messaging

Message one or all of your students via email before, during or after class

4 drive traffic
Drive Traffic

List your website and social media links on your teacher profile

5 list topics
List any topic

The sky is the limit - but popular course topics include arts, business & cooking

6 private
Private Classes

Get exposure to corporations & large groups who want to hold classes

7 marketing support
Marketing Support

Gain exposure via our weekly newsletter, social media and website visitors

8 referral
Referral Program*

Get 100% of ticket (minus processing) for students found through your marketing

9 multiple listings
Multiple Listings

Manage multiple courses and class dates with one centralized account

10 minimums
Set Minimums & Maximums

Choose the desired size for your class. Only teach if it meets your minimum

11 google
Google Optimization

We optimize our pages to bring your class traffic & exposure from Google search

12 relisting
One-Click Relisting

Add dates to existing courses with one click, teach as many dates as you wish!

13 reviews
Earn Reviews

Build a reputation and increase conversion with student Reviews

14 support
Customer Support

We handle your students' questions & issues via email so you don't have to

15 payment
Easy Payment

Get paid securely via direct deposit with Venmo 3 days after class has completed

16 host
Host Support

We help connect you to affordable venues in our database

17 reminders

We send reminders & post-class review requests to students on your behalf

18 logistics
Details & Logistics

Add materials costs, prerequisites & student instructions for your classes

Is Dabble really that valuable?
That's for us to prove and for you to decide.