Ritual Magic 2- Crystals, Manifestation and Spellwork

with TOTEM

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Fitness & Wellness

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Join us for this in-person, immersive, experiencial group workshop centered around the ancient techniques spellwork, with a focus on the use of crystals and crystal grids to manifest desired outcomes. We will explore how to use various crystals to support our efforts in career, romance, health and spiritual development. We will also explore various ancient "spells" to use when working towards specific goals.  And we'll all undertake a "Master Spell" to manifest our dreams together, with attendees leaving with their own written spell for their ongoing use and reference.

Attendees will also leave this workshop with a thorough understanding of these ancient techniques as well as a handout- with recommended readings and resources- to assist them in their continued education and exploration of this topic. 

TOTEM will provide much of the materials required for this workshop, but attendees are encouraged to bring a piece of paper and envelope on which to write out our group spell!

Join us for a magical afternoon of spiritual education and empowerment!

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All ages welcome

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Rachel is a trained shaman, medium and energy practitioner with more than a decade of professional experience through her Chicago-based spiritual consultancy, TOTEM Readings. Rachel's approach to spirituality is unique: She leverages ancient tools, techniques and technologies in a fresh, modern way, providing pragmatic insights and easy-to-implement solutions for everyday life. Rachel is passionate about simplifying complex, esoteric concepts and having a spirit of adventure (and a sense of humor) along the way.

Rachel's practice draws from rigorous cross-cultural academic studies (including formal theology and philosophy), lessons learned gained from working one-on-one with thousands of clients, and ongoing training and certification across various modalities and areas of expertise. Rachel built TOTEM from "the basement to the attic", deliberately and thoughtfully refining her service offerings to deliver an ethical and approachable spiritual solution for clients.

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